"The Cyber Intelligence training offered by Treadstone71 is definitely an outstanding course and I recommend it for any organization looking to implement an intelligence capability. Jeff Bardin is extremely knowledgeable in the intelligence tradecraft and applies it to the cyber realm in a way that is understandable, exciting to learn, and makes it easy to achieve "quick wins" in the organization after completing his class. Jeff provided the class with a multitude of tools, templates and documents that can immediately be used by any organization focused on intelligence collection and analysis."

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Join FS-ISAC and Treadstone 71's Jeff Bardin for the Cyber-Intelligence Tradecraft Training. This hands-on, interactive course focused on the fundamentals of intelligence training. This five-day course examines Sherman Kent’s Analytic Doctrine from the cyberperspective, allowing you to understand threat intelligence from an all-source perspective.
Using open source intelligence tools, you will follow the cyber-intelligence lifecycle, learn the role and value of cyber-intelligence relative to online targeting and collection, and use methods that provide structure and process to threat intelligence. Fundamentals of cyber-intelligence collection, production and analysis are covered with live exercises geared to demonstrate collection methods, analytic tools, critical thinking and analytic writing. This session is open to both FS-ISAC members and non-members.

While the 2017 sessions have concluded please check back for information on the 2018 schedule. For additional information, visit or email us today.


Cyber-Intelligence Tradecraft Training

2017 Sessions