Plan your practice. Practice your plan.

How would your financial institution respond to a cyber-attack?

Find out by participating in the 2017 Financial Services – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) Cyber-Attack Against Payment Systems (CAPS) exercises. Participate from your own premises in a virtual, confidential two-day, tabletop exercise that simulates an attack on payment systems and processes.

Challenge incident response teams

The CAPS exercises present a robust, real-world cyber-attack designed to challenge incident response teams to:

  • Practice mobilizing quickly;
  • Work under pressure;
  • Critically apprise information, as it is available; and
  • Connect the cyberdots to defend against an attack.

Find gaps and build stronger response plans

Participating in the CAPS exercises not only challenges response teams but also helps teams:
  • Discover gaps in incident response plans;
  • Strengthen team relationships;
  • Build a clearer understanding of system vulnerabilities; and
  • Drive exploration of improvements in response processes.
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It was a great experience and a very good opportunity to train and improve our procedures.”

Exercise Schedule

CAPS North America Sessions

12-13 September or 19-20 September


CAPS APAC Sessions

10-11 October or 17-18 October


CAPS EMEA Sessions

10-11 October or 17-18 October

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